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This news archive contains current and past news posts, letters, videos and emails that tell the story of our ministry.

Be aware that the dates may reference past events and that some of the links in some stories may no longer function.

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2019 JKI News

2019-02-16 JKI News
2019-01-21 JKI News

2018 JKI News

2018-12-28 JKI News
2018-09-01 More From Managua
2018-08-23 From Managua
2018-08-19 Return to Managua
2018-07-23 Fox News Interviews Ortega
2018-07-18 Nicaragua in Crisis News Report
2018-07-12 Nicaragua in Crisis! (Part 2)
2018-05-12 Nicaragua in Crisis!
2018-04-23 Safely in Texas
2018-03-31  ¿En Quién Está Tu Esperanza? (In whom is your hope?)
2018-02-18 JKI Video Update
2018-01-11 Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You

2017 JKI News

2017-12-31 The Lord God’s Promise to Us
2017-12-14 News and Updates from Jody and Trisha
2017-07-23 News & Updates from Jody and Trisha
2017-06-03 Announcing Iglesia Bautista Rubenia
2017-05-02 Atlantic Region-JKI Video Update
2017-03-01 Exciting News
2017-01-21 Ready Set Go
2017-01-14 JKI Video Update

2016 JKI News

2016-10-17 Prayer Needed for Our Nicaragua Family
2016-08-05 JKI Video Update
2016-07-16 JKI Video Update with Lee
2016-07-14 JKI Video Update with Julia
2016-07-12 JKI Video Update
2016-06-26 JKI Video Update
2016-03-07 JKI Video Update
2016-02-21 Trisha’a Tidbits and Treasures
2016-02-19 JKI Update
2016-02-08 Video Update

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