Personal Release and Covenant

The guidelines listed below are required for those participating in this ministry. You go not as a tourist, but as a guest of another country and an ambassador of Christ. Many ministry countries do not have the same conveniences you are used to at home.  It is very important to be flexible and willing to adjust to the expectations of your host.

1.  I release and discharge Jody Kennedy International, trip leaders, agents and volunteers, from responsibility for any accident, injury, illness or other personal loss that might result from this trip. And from all claims, demands, actions, judgments, or executions that I have ever had, or now have, or may have, or which my heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns may have or claim to have, against these organizations, their agents, employees, officers, and volunteers, and their successors or assigns, for all personal injuries, known or unknown, and injuries to property, real or personal, caused by, or arising out of this journey.  I intend to be legally bound by this statement.

2.  I understand that certain purchases may be made by Jody Kennedy International on my behalf, including travel insurance, non-refundable airline tickets, visa fees and taxes and other necessary items.  I agree that these items are non-refundable.  I agree to accept the financial responsibility for these purchases.

3.  I authorize trip leaders, as my agents, to consent to any emergency treatment that is necessary in the case of accident or illness.

4.  I go as a servant and disciple of Jesus Christ and agree to adopt that attitude when dealing with my fellow team members and the people I meet during the trip.

5.  I will submit to the leadership role and authority of the trip director and promise to abide by his or her decisions as they concern this mission trip.

6.  I acknowledge that by engaging in this journey, I am subjecting myself to certain risks voluntarily, as I would in my normal business and personal life.  These risks could include such things as health hazards due to poor food and water, diseases, pests, and poor sanitation, potential danger from lack of control over local population, and potential injury while working.

7.  I understand that our team’s work is but a tiny speck on the bigger picture that our mission partners are trying to accomplish. I promise not to be overly demanding and to do my best not to offend or cause embarrassment for the local Christians.

8.  I will be prompt and attend all team meetings, both prior to departure (if any are scheduled) and during the mission trip.

9.  I will set a good example of how a Christian acts and will take that responsibility seriously.

10.  I will regard the differing styles of worship or observance of ordinances with respect and reverence.

11.  I agree to interact with all team members even if a friend or spouse is traveling with me.

12.  I agree not to seek or engage in romantic relationships with team members or nationals during the trip. I agree to avoid even the slightest appearance of evil.  I further agree that I will not be alone with any member of the opposite sex.  I will refrain from any behavior that may compromise my witness.

13.  I will conform to any code of dress or appearance that might be required so as not to offend or embarrass our hosts.  This includes removing excessive jewelry, removing body piercings, covering tattoos, wearing appropriate clothing, and appropriate hair styles, etc.

14.  I will refrain from using tobacco, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while in the host country.

15.  I will refrain from giving gifts of any sort such as books, Bibles, teaching materials, money, clothes, jewelry, music players, etc. to the locals either during the trip or making promises to deliver such things after the trip.  Although the intent of the giver is good, the result after we leave causes problems including jealousy and bitterness among those locals who received no such gifts.  All gifts will be given as a team, coordinated by the team director.

16.  I agree to follow the guidelines given regarding attire, meal time, preparation, and other things with a good attitude.

17.  I agree that in the event my conduct is considered so unsatisfactory that it jeopardizes the success of the trip, and that mediation during the trip has failed to correct my behavior, that my services in connection with this mission shall end and I shall return home immediately at my own expense.

18.  In submitting the Team Member Information form, I represent that I am 18 years of age or older (persons under 18 years of age must complete and submit the hard copy document located here.)