PSE Team

PSE is evangelism through teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) using our own popular Practically Speaking English curriculum which emphasizes the importance of building a trusting relationship and then sharing the gospel with our student friends. Hundreds of children, teens and adults attend each of these events where they learn some English, learn that they are  loved and learn how to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A major part of the trust building process is the high quality learning experience that each student receives in the PSE classroom.  To this end we spend an appropriate amount of time in the field preparing each team member to do their part in the PSE classroom.  In advance of the field training, each team member must review the PSE Training videos that have been created just for our ministry.

Start here and watch each video, complete the quiz that follows and then proceed to the next video in the sequence.

 1.  The PSE Dress Code (video)  After watching the video, click here and take the quiz.

2. The PSE Loop and PSE Wave (video)