1,2, 3, What Are We Fighting For?

This “oldie” reminds me of my youth in Commerce, Texas during the 60’s and early 70’s when the hippies were doing their thing, college students protested the war and those of the so-called “enlightened generation” were ruining their minds with anything they could set on fire and suck through a pipe.  Commerce was somewhat insulated from a lot of that, yet the small campus of East Texas Teacher’s College (later East Texas State University and now Texas A&M at Commerce) had its share of civil disobedience and hippies.  

The song goes on to answer the question with “I don’t know and I don’t give a (care)” (expletive omitted).

Does this have anything at all to do with today?  As Christians, we should be asking this question of ourselves – “What are we fighting for?”  Another way to phrase it might be, “What are we striving for?  We should know the answer, yet so many of our Christian brothers and sisters (bound for Heaven for sure) can’t answer the question and what’s more, don’t really care.

Can you answer?  You should know for what you are striving.  

In some of the modern translations of the Bible, you might find “effort” instead of “striving”.  Try both words and take a look at a good concordance, use the internet or your Bible software and do a quick word search of the New Testament.  I think you’ll find the answer(s).

Clearly, we are instructed to “strive”, which means “make an effort”.  When was the last time you “made an effort” to impact the Kingdom of Christ?