Know God

You Can Know God Personally!

We travel to many, many places in the U.S. and abroad.  The constant question we hear is “How can I know God?”

The answer is amazingly simple because God has made it so that every one of His human creations can know Him.

Ready for the answer?

God loves you and desires that you have peace and abundant life on earth and eternal life in Heaven with Him.

The problem is that we have separated ourselves from Him through our sin which means our free will choices to disobey Him (tell lies, cheat, steal, etc.), not believe in Him, and follow our own selfish ways instead of His ways.  The Bible says that the penalty for our disbelief is eternal separation from Him in eternal Hell.  The earthly consequences are also seriously negative (turmoil, frustration, lack of purpose and selfishness).

God has made a way for us to return to Him through Jesus Christ.  Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty of our sin.  He was buried but rose from the grave in demonstration of His power over death and He offers us the same hope for new life through His forgiveness of our disbelief.

Nothing remains to be done but to ask Jesus to forgive you, confess that He is the son of God, born to a virgin and that He died on the cross for you, was buried and rose again.  Sincerely and honestly invite Jesus to come into your life, forgive you and give you the free gift of eternal life.

More questions?  Contact us and we will guide you in your search for forgiveness and life.