Due to the civil crisis in Nicaragua, we have suspended team events.

We are monitoring the situation in Nicaragua and we continue to support are staff and church partners as they minister in difficult circumstances.

To make a commitment to one of our team events the team member must:

1. Read the updated Personal Covenant and Liability Release (click  here).

2. Complete the team member registration (click here).

3. Submit the deposit amount before the Deposit Due Date** listed in the event schedule.

Groups can reserve a date on a first come, first served basis by contacting us by phone or email.  The deposit payment for the group and registrations must be received by us before we can reserve your date.

*Some events have an optional excursion day.  Each team (the entire team only, please) may choose to return to the U.S. one day later than the schedule below.  The extra day adds $100 per person to cover the cost of the lodging, meals and transportation of the extra day.

** To commit to a trip after the Deposit Due date, contact us by phone or email.  An additional fee may be required for late registrations.

OCC Processing Center
November & December 2019
Register directly at
Trip Cost $0 (volunteer pays expenses for travel, lodging, meals)


Youth and Family Trip provides special venues and schedules that are perfect for youth and families serving together.

Practically Speaking Conversational English Evangelism (more)
This is a cutting edge ministry using the fundamentals of friendship evangelism. Join us in teaching conversational English, making friends, and sharing Christ during several sessions of different students each day. All three of the groups below will be reached.

For adults (age 16 and above) a course is taught on five different levels of speaking ability from non-speakers through advanced level speakers. This ministry is recommended for Christian, adult volunteers over 18 years old. No previous teaching experience is necessary. Mandatory training is required to be part of these events.

For teens, a course is taught at the primary and beginner levels for young teens aged 13-15.

For children (aged 2-12) the course is a high energy basic English class using music, puppets and story telling.

Practically Speaking Business English Evangelism (click here for more)
This is an innovative, distinctive ministry using the fundamentals of friendship evangelism. While teaching business concepts and values through our unique intensive business English course we are able to make friends and share Christ. This course is taught to intermediate and advanced university students and business professionals. The curriculum has been developed exclusively for this ministry. This ministry is recommended for Christian professionals who have had at least 7 years of business experience. Mandatory training is required to be part of this event.

Community Movie Night and Conference
In one of our partner churches, a quality Christian move with a strong theme of forgiveness, restoration, family values and Christian relationships is presented to the whole community.  The church goes out and invites the men, women and children of the community to attend.  During a brief intermission the local Pastor poses thought provoking questions in keeping with the theme of the film.  At the end of the movie, the local Pastor gives a short, gospel presentation and invites those who will to say “yes” to Christ.  Usually, the children are shown a children’s movie in a separate room of nearby location.  Team members operate the equipment, help prepare and serve the snacks and minister to the church and the community.

Medical Evangelism
In a rural setting, a temporary medical clinic is established to provide basic diagnosis and medication to the community.  Qualified medical personnel will perform all evaluations and prescribe the appropriate medications and/or referrals for further care.  Non-medical personnel will provide support to the medical personnel and make the person-to-person contact with the patients and with our church partners.  Every patient will be connected to a local church member and will hear a direct and clear gospel message.

OCC Processing Center
Work several four hour shifts at one of the regional Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child (OCC) shoe box processing centers located around the United States to inspect, sort, pack and ship the shoe boxes that have been collected.  About 12 million shoe boxes are sent around the world each year.  As a result, millions of children receive their one and only Christmas gift and the children and their families hear the gospel.  Hundreds of thousands respond to Christ each year through this ministry.

International Missions Team Training
We will conduct team training events to prepare all team members going on international ministries.  Training will cover teaching techniques, ministry preparation, cultural awareness, travel health and safety, packing for a mission trip and spiritual readiness. Training event locations and dates will be added as necessary.